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Jesse Kellerman’s “The Executor”

The Executor has everything that appeals to me in a novel: beautiful language, a gripping plot that keeps you in suspense from start to finish, and a very interesting protagonist, Joseph Geist, a graduate philosophy student. There’s an extraordinary friendship between him and an eighty-year-old woman philosopher. There’s their fascinating discourse that made me think that the author himself majored in philosophy (he didn’t, so more points for him). And there’s this disconcerting idea that we humans sometimes don’t really know what we can be capable of doing—both good and bad—and that demons, dormant in a deep niche of our mind, can actually win. Which is a scary thing.

I hope I haven’t revealed too much, in case you haven’t read the book. I’ll end with a quote that I liked: “Excellence can be achieved only through tolerance of tediousness.” It rings so true, doesn’t it?


My life with dogs

I’m what’s called a dog person, and so is my husband. Our dogs are such a big part of our lives that we forego many activities where they cannot be included. An example? Our travel, which we love to do, has been considerably restricted because of the illness of our golden retriever, Lucky. We’ve lost Rudi and Gretchen, our beloved German shepherds, to old age and cancer over the last three years. Though they’re gone, they live on in our memories and on the pages of my novels. I couldn’t let them go, so I feel like I gave them a second life, which comforts me.

If you’re a dog lover like me or have other pets that are as big a part of your family as mine are, share your stories with me. I’d love to hear them.

Jesse Kellerman’s “The Executor”

I recently discovered a talented young author, Jesse Kellerman. His novel, The Executor, blew me away. I’ve read some works written by his parents, Fay and Jonathan Kellerman, the best-selling mystery writers, and IMHO, their extremely talented offspring surpassed them as a writer. These words may sound harsh or complimentary, depending on the parents’ priorities. I mean, their attitude toward their own work and that of their son’s. I’d like to think it’s the latter, because I personally feel thrilled when my own child surpasses me in certain things that I do well.

A quick book review will follow shortly.



DSC01518Welcome to my blog. My name’s Nadezhda Seiler, Nadya for short. I’m a mother, a wife, a former English teacher, a friend, a dog lover, an art lover, nature lover, a thinker (aren’t we all?), an avid reader, and a writer. Yes, I’m passionate about books. Reading and, since 2003, writing them.

Books have always been a huge part in my life. I love being “transferred” into a fictional world and laugh or cry together with the characters. What fascinates me most is beautiful description of…anything. I reread certain paragraphs several times, being envious of an author’s talent. Which leads me to my next point. How did I become a writer?

Well…if someone told me ten years ago that I would write a novel, I would’ve said, “Me? A writer? No way! I’m just a reader, that’s all. Yes, I like to write letters and yes, I used to make silly poems in my teens and yes, I wrote a few plays for my students, but…that’s about it. Yet, I now have three self-published novels under my belt and I’ve started writing my fourth one. So how did that happen?

In 2003, my husband got a job transfer to Germany, for three years. Before we left, my coworker, Cindi Rockett, suggested that we write a book together as a way of keeping in touch. So we started this fascinating Letter Game and wrote a mystery novel, Disengaged. While still working on it, I started my second one, alone, and finished it within two years, then started my third. I self-published all three only this year, but they’re out there, available to public! And I’m extremely happy about the fact.

My main point is this: once I started writing, I was hooked. And once I held a published copy of my first novel in my hands, I felt such exaltation I wanted to publish my other two novels, Without Thinking Twice and A Measure of Guilt, and then write and write and write.

From now on, I will share my humble opinions on the books I read, as well as my trials and tribulations as an aspiring writer, and everything to do with books and writing. I hope you will share your views with me also.

I tell people that writing is my hobby. Well, it’s a pretty time-consuming hobby, considering 6-8 hours a day at the computer, plus thinking about your book the rest of the day. It seems like a full-time job to some people, right? Maybe it is.

This blog is not just about my writing. I’d really like to engage in a conversation about books, life and anything you may be passionate about.