Claire Cook

Does anyone know at least one contemporary woman–late 30s, single, average-looking–who, at some point in her life, starts feeling so insecure  that she gives up searching for her soul mate? Well, Claire Cook writes about this type of women in her novels Must Love Dogs and Wallflower in Bloom. The protagonists, Sarah and Deidre, respectively, are smart, successfully employed, loved by their families, but lonely. They would do anything to help others, but they are too discouraged to help themselves. So what does it take for them to find happiness? They have to take a leap! And they do!

These books are wonderfully inspiring. And they’re fun to read. Fun, fun, fun!

2 thoughts on “Claire Cook

  1. I’ve read Must Love Dogs a couple of years ago and saw the movie based on the book. From what I remember, the book was better than its big screen adaptation, which is usually the case. I’ve yet to read Wallflower in Bloom, which I hope to do soon. I like to read about strong female characters that overcome one a huge obstacle of a lack of belief in oneself and then triumph. Nowadays it’s impossible NOT to know at least one such woman. I know several, both at work and among my friends. As a woman in her 30s herself, albeit married, I can easily relate to such characters, because at one time or another I felt exactly the same way.

  2. Thanks, Vin, for your comment. I haven’t seen the movie, but I believe you that it’s inferior to the book it’s based upon because it’s usually the case. I’m totally with you on the point that it’s great to read about a strong woman, or a weak one becoming strong. That’s why I like Claire Cook’s novels – her characters are so wonderfully inspiring. Yes, we realize that they’re fictional, yet you believe that such women exist in real life.

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