Our New Puppy


All the dogs that we had previously adopted were already fully grown, or almost. I loved the looks and personalities of our beloved late Rudi, Gretchen, and Lucky. To me, they were the most gorgeous and best doggies in the world. The same stands for Gunner, our two-year-old German shepherd. But I’d always wished I’d seen each of them in their puppyhood. Alas, I couldn’t, so the word “regret” doesn’t apply to this situation. Well, I’m happy to say that I finally have this wonderful opportunity with our new pet, a three-month-old golden retriever that we adopted yesterday. Oh, what a fuzzy little miracle! A dynamo! A beauty! And smart to boot. It took her less than an hour to learn her new name, Greta. Her previous owners expressed their concern about Greta’s fear of big dogs. Nah-uh! Not this puppy. Not only is she not intimidated by her new 70-pound big brother, Gunner, but she’s the one to provoke a playful “fight”–she slaps him on the nose, bites him on his ears, pulls at the tags hanging from his collar, and she even tries to climb onto his back when he rests on the floor. It’s fun to watch them chasing one another.

6 thoughts on “Our New Puppy

    • Thanks, Vin. Oh, yes, puppies are destructive. Greta already tries to sink her sharp little teeth in our slippers and chairs. We keep lots of balls and toys and bones handy–to redirect her attention. Doesn’t always work, but we try. 🙂

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