Greta turns 4 months old!

DSC01726 (2)

Unbridled energy, sassiness, cockiness, and bossiness—these are the words that describe our golden retriever, Greta. And she’s only 4 months old! (What will she be like as an adult?) Yes, at this tender age, she already bosses our two-year-old Gunner around, who not only outweighs her by 45 pounds, but who is stubborn and strong-willed himself, being a German shepherd. But he lets her do whatever she wants. Probably because she’s too cute. Her extremely affectionate personality plays a big part too, I guess. When Gunner sleeps, Greta either licks the inside of his ear or just watches him affectionately. Just like in this picture.

Our doggies! Man, they make our life so much richer and happier!


2 thoughts on “Greta turns 4 months old!

    • Oh, yes! We do love them both to pieces! They are a handful couple, that’s for sure, but when I watch them play and chase one another around the house…my heart is ready to explode from joy. Pretty soon Greta will grow as big as Gunner, or almost, and I wis she stayed looking like a puppy longer. Puppies are adorable! 🙂

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