Something out of Nothing

I listened to an interview with George Saunders on NPR today, and I liked what he said about the completion of a story. “When you finish writing your story, you’re amazed at how much it has evolved from the moment you started it to its ending.” Which made me remember what I had said to my friend the other day: “You, as a writer, create something out of nothing, and it’s so amazing that you can’t quite believe that you did it. But you did!”

Not to offend other artists, who, in addition to their imagination, employ something physical to make their product (paints and brushes for a painter, construction materials for a builder, fabric for a dressmaker), all writers have at their disposal is their language. Words and images.

So when I look at my three novels, Disengaged, Without Thinking Twice, and A Measure of Guilt, each more than 250 pages long, yes, I am amazed.


2 thoughts on “Something out of Nothing

  1. Nadya, you have a talent. An indisputable talent of writing. Writing a book which leaves those who read it, full of emotions and thoughts. I can’t even imagine doing what you do! But i love reading 🙂

    • Galina, thank for the compliment and for reading my books. Talent? I’m not sure about that in regards to myself. It’s rather a “package” of things–the love to coin sentences, the love to hear music in the language (when it’s there), the fascination with creating a place and filling it with characters who eventually become real people to you, not just fiction, as well as the joy or the sadness or the fear I feel when they’re happy or sad or scared.
      Just ten years ago, I never thought I’d write fiction, but I do now, and I’m glad that I do because when I feel that I “nailed” something (even it’s one sentence that evokes strong feelings), I’m the happiest person on earth.
      Oh, God, I can talk about writing extensively… 🙂 Thank you for your comment, Galina.

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