Charlotte Rogan’s “The Lifeboat”

Charlotte Rogan’s The Lifeboat is an amazing story of one’s will to survive at any cost. This novel is Titanic  in words, so beautifully and skillfully written that you don’t need to see the film to visualize the shipwreck and plight of the passengers, those who go down and those who get lucky to have a seat in a lifeboat.

When the ocean liner, Empress Alexandra, sinks due to fire in 1914, Grace Winter, a 22-year-old newly-wed, is secured a place in a lifeboat by her husband. And the ordeal continues.

The novel shows how a disaster can bring the best out of people, as well as the worst. It shows how humans can be reduced to an animal state, following the strongest of the pack, and when that leader, to whom they owe their survival for several days, loses some of his power, they betray him and cling to his opponent. How they become chameleons and even murderers—all for the sole purpose of their own survival.

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