Win a free download of A Measure of Guilt

Dear friends! Please share on Facebook or retweet this post with a link to my novel, A Measure of Guilt, and you’ll have a chance to win a free download of its e-book. Two winners will be chosen randomly and announced on Friday, March 29. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Win a free download of A Measure of Guilt

  1. Nadya, loved your book Measure of Guilt, and since reading it, amazed how closely events in the news with the Arias kidnapper in Cleveland who kept 3 woman (separate from each other) in one house, tied and chained up, parallel many of the events in your book, even down to the one woman having a baby … Truth is stranger than fiction or as strange as fiction?

    • Beth, I’m surprised myself at the similarities. Imagine that? When the news of those poor victims in Cleveland broke on CNN, Gene yelled to me: “Watch the news! It’s just like in your book! Amazing!” Yes, when we read about horrible things described in fiction, we sometimes say, Oh, that’s just fiction! And look what happens in real life!

  2. Yes, it is amazing what is going on with Arias? Arial Castro in Cleveland. I had the same reaction as Gene; it is like you wrote what actually happened to those women! And some of the those women have been there for more than a decade; the one woman was taken off the missing person’s list in 2003, because they couldn’t find a nearest relative to contact..

    • Yes, it’s sad for Michelle Knight, the woman who was abducted first and spent 11 years in the clutches of that monster. She’d had a big problem, allegedly, with her family, and lost custody of her son, so when she disappeared, the police concluded that she just went away. For whatever reason(s), she doesn’t even want to see her family now. Old wounds or resentment over not having been looked for? I do hope that the police (or whoever) have given her enough money and a place to live, since she has nothing.

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