Day 2 of Writing Marathon

I’m so into my writing marathon that I was at the computer this morning two hours ahead of my usual time. Yay! And I didn’t just stare at the screen, waiting for inspiration, as I’d been doing lately. Instead, I plowed through my first chapter without taking a break, as if some slave driver was standing behind me, ready to whip my back if I stopped. As William Faulkner said, he didn’t wait for his muse to inspire him, but when he sat down at his typewriter every day at 10 a.m., he made sure she showed up. I guess he was his very own slave driver. 🙂

Since I “finished” the first page yesterday, I intended to start with the second one, but I couldn’t. I began from the beginning, always remembering the magical word hook. As Les Edgerton said in his book, Hooked, “Your goal is to evoke an emotional response that hooks the reader. … The reader must live through that opening scene right along with the protagonist.” (20) Sure. Otherwise, why read something that hasn’t grabbed you from the start?

And that’s why I sweated over the first page yesterday and today, even though I may end up moving it someplace else (middle?) or deleting it, period. But for now, it’s okay. Then I finished the rest of chapter one. I’ll sink my teeth into chapter 2 first thing tomorrow morning.

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