Linda Howard’s “Shadow Woman”

I usually don’t post unfavorable opinions on books, so this one is an exception. Why? Because I love the author and I’ve read all of her novels, and I simply cannot abstain from a comment, even if an uncomplimentary one.

Linda Howard’s Shadow Woman has a damn promising (read: gripping) beginning and a satisfying ending with an interesting twist. But the middle, frankly and sadly, bored the hell out of me. In the course of 260 pages, a young woman, Lizette Henry, is trying to remember who she actually is, after she looks in the mirror and sees a different face.

It reminds me of the film Bourne Supremacy, where Jason Bourne struggles to remember his identity. The difference is that the film is packed with action, whereas Howard’s novel is filled with Lizette’s internal monologue, and some decision-making process of the people who are after her.

I didn’t toss the book aside only out of respect for the author and, okay, I wanted to see if the ending matched the promising prologue.


2 thoughts on “Linda Howard’s “Shadow Woman”

    • Vin, maybe you will like this novel. Tastes differ, you know. But yes, I was very surprised that Shadow Woman turned out not what I had expected from this author. Then again, I shouldn’t have been too surprised because Linda Howard is not the only talented writer who has disappointed me with a mediocre book. Nora Roberts is one of them. It happens…

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