Writing Marathon: Day 6

Surprise, surprise! I was pulled into Ch. 1 again. I copied and pasted it into a new file and spent some time rewriting the first paragraph, then I switched to the second chapter, going back and forth between the two…

When I started this writing marathon, six days ago, I was curious about my achievement at the end of thirty days. Although I admitted to myself that it would be impossible for me to reach the end of the manuscript, I still hoped (secretly) that I’d finish my second draft.

Six days gone, I’m barely on chapter 3. My only comfort is that I’m enjoying this “adventure” and I’m working every day, which is an achievement in itself. Pat, pat on my back—Good job, Nadya! 🙂

Setting. That was my focus in Ch. 3 today. As Elizabeth George says in her Write Away, setting creates atmosphere, and it “triggers mood as well.” She believes that setting “stimulates emotional response on the part of the reader.” (17) I believe that, too. I see and experience it while reading any good novel.

Details. Donald Maass states that great writing is highly detailed. Elizabeth George teaches to “put place into action” and “set details in motion.” (25) And that’s exactly what I kept in mind during my revision today.


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