Writing Marathon: Day 7

Still on Chapter 3. My excuse? It’s a pretty long chapter. And it’s Sunday. And I attended my friend’s daughter’s wedding today. And before that, I had a haircut. 🙂 Which makes an “excuse” plural. 🙂

But Donald’s Maass helped me again. “…a useful principle for making place an active character is to give your characters an active relationship to place: which in turn means marking your characters’ growth or decline through their relationships to their various surroundings.” (87)

Setting as a character. Words of gold. What a revelation! I do know (from different sources) that setting should not be put into a story for the sake of describing a place, but rather, it should be described through characters’ actions. However, I never thought of a setting as a character. Wow!

And the idea is just so timely! Now I’m trying to describe the three places in Ch. 3 from a different angle. Thank you, Mr. Maass! 🙂

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