Writing Marathon: Day 11

My manuscript is dwindling. If I keep shrinking it and not beefing it up with more details (and new chapters) at all, I may end up with a novella on my hands, or even a short story, instead of a novel.

But I want it to be a novel, dammit! I have three under my belt, so far, and I would so love to see another one next to them on my bookshelf! That’s right, I write for myself, first and foremost. 🙂

Interestingly, only now do I face this problem with the volume, whereas with my previous books it was quite the opposite. They were about 150,000 words long, and I spent excruciating weeks, trying to reduce them to a “normal” size of 100,000 words or less. I used to mock myself, “I may not be a talented writer, but I’m certainly a prolific one.” Duh! 🙂


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