Writing Marathon: Day 14

I finished revising chapter 6, but will return to it again–many times. I’m not too unhappy with it, but I’m not too happy, either. It needs a lot of work, but at least I like that it ends with a cliffhanger, a pretty intriguing one. What’s gratifying about it is that it came out of me spontaneously. I love such moments!

Laura Whitcomb in Your First Novel advises to end each chapter with new information, saying, “Make that new information so important to the reader that he will slap the page open to the next chapter and read on. Even at two in the morning on a weeknight with a head cold.” (41) A sadistic wish 🙂 , but don’t all writers wish just for that?

Anyway, tomorrow is Monday, my favorite day of the week, when I’m full of energy and grandiose plans. I hope it’ll be a productive week.

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