Writing Marathon: Day 15

I spent half a day reading, or rather, rereading, articles in The Writer and Writer’s Digest. These two magazines are so addictive I read them during my meals, like fascinating fiction. And of course, I highlighted and circled and underlined the parts that I found useful for my writing—as usual.

Steven James (“Go Organic,” Writer’s Digest, Apr. 2013) says, “Think of your story as a contract with your readers, an agreement that you will entertain, surprise and satisfy them.” That made me rethink my attitude–I’m writing, first and foremost, for myself–because even if I say so, I still cherish hopes to have this novel published.

So, feeling “equipped,” I dug my teeth into Ch. 7. It’s long. I went only through Nick’s part, concentrating on the conflict. Did I have it? I sure did. An internal one. And a small external conflict—a humorous one. 🙂

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