Writing Marathon: Day 18

I just love Sandra Brown! I’ve read all of her novels. Although she switched from romances to thrillers, in the past few years, I find both genres written by this talented author intertwined: her romances are full of suspense, whereas her thrillers are full of love and passion. Slow Heat in Heaven is one of my favorite romances, and White Hot is one of my favorite thrillers. I’ve read each one numerous times, and I still pick them up, once in a while, and reread some parts, savoring Brown’s exquisite prose.

Today I reread Brown’s article in The Writer (Jan. 2013) where she speaks about her writing process, which I find invaluable. “I think that the storyteller needs to enjoy the telling of the story,” she says. “When I’m writing a book, if I’m getting a little bit sleepy and a little bit bored, then it’s a sure thing that my reader’s going to, too. I use my own entertainment scale as a kind of a barometer, and I have to entertain myself first.”

Wow. Isn’t it what I used to say too—that I write for myself, first and foremost—but later recanted? While working on my previous novels, I remember how thrilled I was when a chapter (or even a single paragraph) I’d written made me laugh or cry. I was almost sure that that particular piece would evoke the same feelings in the reader.

Well, I’m not so sure about the novel that I’m currently working on. So far, very few scenes evoke strong feelings in me. What about my future reader? The answer is clear.


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