Writing Marathon: Day 19

Still plowing my way through Ch. 7. It seems I’ll never get to the next one. It’s not like I’m striving for perfection at this point (it’s only my second draft, after all), but I still need to like what I write before I put it behind me and move on. This is what happens: at one point, I’m not happy about how Kate says something; at another point, I hate the description of the kitchen because it stands on its own instead of being an integral part of the event taking place in it; then I feel that the dialogue sounds forced; then the verbs aren’t strong enough, etc. Thus I end up calling the whole scene crap and take a tea break, after which I start all over from the beginning.

Margaret Atwood said, “If I waited for perfection [in my first draft], I’d never write a word.” (The Writer, Nov. 2012)

Yes, I remember that, but I still do what I do. If this is not my stupid stubbornness, I don’t know what it is. But I swear, I’ll finish this chapter tomorrow evening, even if it kills me!

2 thoughts on “Writing Marathon: Day 19

  1. You amaze me with your consistency! Maybe stubbornness is sometimes a good thing. I got inspired about reaching my goal and going through a similar “30 day marathon” working on something which should have been completed long time ago. Thank you, podruga!

    • Galina hi,
      First and foremost, HUGE thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, stubbornness can certainly be a good thing, when it’s a synonym to ambition. It’s my driving force–go go go! You can’t miss a day, you just can’t! Even if you’re tired or have no time for your plans, still, just do it, dammit!
      Such “stubbornness” doesn’t offend or hurt (God forbid) anyone, but it helps me a lot. It helped me to complete P90X, as you remember, no matter how tough a program it was–which it WAS! But I did it. So maybe I shouldn’t call my stubbornness “stupid” after all. 🙂
      Good luck with your “similar program”, podruga! 🙂

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