Writing Marathon: Day 24

Today I was down in the dumps, staring at the screen, hoping for a miracle. Then I grabbed, luckily, the latest issue of Writer’s Digest, read interviews with two interesting writers, and whoa! I was fueled with energy.

Joe Hill recalls what his parents advised him: “Finish the book. Finish the book, regardless of how bad it is. You can make it better in a rewrite.” Great advice, especially coming from such seasoned authors as Stephen King and Tabitha King. Yes, they’re Joe Hill’s parents, which is the reason why he writes under a pen name.

Finish the book, huh? Well, that’s exactly what I had done with my first three novels—they were bad, and there were many times when I wanted to say to hell with it and quit, but I managed to stick it out and make them better. So can’t I do the very same thing with my fourth novel? I sure can!

The same advice to aspiring writers gives a bestselling author Khaled Hosseini: “The temptation to give up, to surrender, is very, very strong. You have to have faith that as dark and unlikely and as dreary as things may seem, that it’s worth pursuing, and that there’s a good chance you’ll be glad you did.” So why would I give up? I won’t!

Joe Hill’s “job of the day” is to write “one solid scene”–every day! Can I do that too? I can certainly try….

So I did. The new scene that I wrote today is far from being “solid” yet, but I added it to my book. And that put me out of my misery! 🙂


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