Writing Marathon: Day 25

After I read Outlander, the first in the series, I put Diana Gabaldon on top of my most favorite authors list. Her novels are so rich in style, language, and content, they are unforgettably magnificent. I remember thinking, My God, that’s how I want to write!

In her interview with WD readers, Ms. Gabaldon shared her work routine. Writing organically (without an outline), she creates scenes haphazardly, polishing them right away so that they don’t require any further revisions, and only then does she link them together in a plot. As much as I find her method fascinating, I have a hard time believing that she has no storyline in her head prior to writing, even if the steps aren’t in order yet. Surely, she must have a big idea in her mind that she eventually develops through those scenes.

Well, I realize that writing like Gabaldon is a dream totally unattainable for me, I at least can emulate her writing style—at this point. I can write separate scenes, then tie them together. Why not? Yesterday I created one scene; today I created another one. That’s a start. So…a new scene every day. Is it doable? So far, yes. Keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

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