Writing Marathon: Day 30

I reached a finish line of my self-imposed 30-day writing marathon. Woo-hoo! Although I didn’t complete the second draft, as I had hoped, and thus can’t brag about the results as much as I would love to, I sure can brag about working every single day, just as I had pledged I would. Yes, a few days were difficult (some, extremely difficult!) when I couldn’t move beyond one scene or chapter, but that’s normal, that’s what creating fiction entails. I stuck it out, though, and that’s what matters. 🙂

So what have I achieved? 1) I added only 4,200 words to my manuscript, but I tossed out a lot more during my revision, so this number isn’t too low. 2) I finally began to actually like certain scenes, whereas previously I hadn’t. 3) I added five new scenes. 4) I made a decision to write a new scene every day until I finish the novel.

And last but not least, this marathon has given me a much-needed boost. I’m so hooked now that I want to work in the same vein every day, until my novel is ready for submission. I can’t wait to work with the Abbott Press publishing team again, so that my fourth novel would follow the prior three:  Disengaged, Without Thinking Twice, and A Measure of Guilt.

I enjoyed blogging about it because not only did it hold me accountable, but it was a fun thing to do. With satisfactory results or not, reporting about my writing gave me both a closure at the end of the day and encouragement to do better the next day.

My further plans? I’ll keep working every day, of course, but I will blog about the results only twice a week: on Wed. and Sundays.

So, till Sunday, then… 🙂

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