“Without Thinking Twice” Book Trailer

My book trailer is here! This wonderful video for my second novel, Without Thinking Twice, published in December 2012 with Abbott Press, was made by my daughter, Elvina. Please let me know your thoughts.


Photo credits:
While most of the stills used in the video are my own, some (the couples) were courtesy of photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net and Shutterstock.

Song credit:
Диана Арбенина, “Время года зима” (Diana Arbenina, “The Season Is Winter”)


2 thoughts on ““Without Thinking Twice” Book Trailer

  1. Fantastic! Loved the music and even the actors selected looked much like I envisioned them. Elvina should think about doing videos for a living-

  2. Beth hi,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and checking out the trailer. Yes, Elvina did a great job, I totally agree. I love this trailer! You’re right, the pictures of the four characters are so well chosen, and the music too.
    Watch another one, for my third novel. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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