Author Interview: Diana Gabaldon

Here’s an interview with one of my most favorite writers, Diana Gabaldon. I remember when I first read her first novel, Outlander, it blew my mind. It doesn’t fall into one particular genre, but rather it embraces several ones. As Donald Maass says in his Writing the Breakout Novel, “this is not your typical historical romance. Nor…is it really science fiction. Gabaldon borrows a little from each genre but only as much as she needs to tell her own unique large-scale story. Outlander has plot layers, high stakes and depth of character. It has violence, torture and rape. She has plenty to say about fidelity and desire, Scottish history, herbal healing and more. That is why Outlander broke out, not because it happened to ‘cross,’ or mix, two genres.” (45)

Well, I couldn’t have said it better. Enjoy! 🙂



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