Book Trailer for “Disengaged”

This is a book trailer to my first novel Disengaged, co-authored with Cindi Rockett.

Video Credits


Some images are courtesy of the following artists at Damian Brandon, Victor Habbick, marin, porbital, artur84, nuttakit. WWII image via WikimediaCommons ( by Jerry J. Jostwick.


Composed by Pete Calandra, BMI, & Scott P. Schreer, BMI
Published by



2 thoughts on “Book Trailer for “Disengaged”

  1. Loved the trailer for Disengaged! The music is great and the photos help create suspense and interest. If I hadn’t read the book (several times now), watching this trailer would definitely incite me to do so.

    • Thank you, Beth! I’m really glad that you like the trailer. I like it too! 🙂 It was fun to make, and now it’s fun to watch it. I’m so grateful to my talented daughter!

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