Novel in Progress: Week 8

I had wanted my 100th entry to be special. Special work-wise, of course, since working on my new novel is what I mainly blog about. So I thought I would record my “big achievements” in this entry.

Well, as it turned out, I can’t brag about having accomplished much last week (I revised only two chapters), but I can happily brag about my friend’s visit from Canada, with whom I had a great time.

Olga is a fascinating conversationalist, fluent in three languages, a college professor with a PhD in linguistics, and an avid reader with a great analytical mind. And she has an awesome sense of humor to boot. Our laughter was shaking the walls in my house for six days straight. Which is what any person needs once in a while, especially a writer creating some “serious stuff.”

A few years ago, Olga gave me solid constructive feedback on my novel Disengaged. This time around we talked about my new book (just a little, since I didn’t want to ruin it for her), and I hope she’ll read the final draft, when it’s ready, and do the same.

So, the entry #100 turned out to be pretty special. 🙂

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