Author Interview: John Grisham

John Grisham‘s readers may agree with his modest statement that his books are not great literature, but they would also agree with him that they’re entertaining. That’s the purpose of his writing–to entertain the reader. (The Litigators springs to mind.) As a writer, he is concerned about the strong emotions that his books evoke in the reader–anger at the injustice they portray, for one. (The Confession does just that.)

Like for many authors, Grisham ideas for books may be triggered by small incidents or stories that he hears or reads about. For instance, the inspiration for his very first novel, A Time to Kill, came from the trial he had once watched in courtroom. It had been a brutal case to watch, he said, but aren’t we glad that he had? Because if he hadn’t, who knows, maybe he wouldn’t have become a novelist, and thus, we would’ve been deprived of his wonderful legal thrillers?

I remember being so impressed by The Partner, and shocked by the ending about betrayal, that I checked out all of Grisham’s later novels, hoping to find a sequel, where I’d see the protagonist’s revenge. That was a strong emotion evoked in me, all right.


4 thoughts on “Author Interview: John Grisham

    • Hello Vin! Yes, you should definitely check out Grisham’s other books. I haven’t read them all, but I will. I love reading court dramas / legal thrillers written by lawyers-turned-authors. They certainly know “what they’re talking about.” Thanks.

  1. Great interview with Grisham. He is so modest about his works- although they are popular fiction, I always feel like I learn so much about the machinations of the legal system after reading one. Agreed with Vin; I loved the Litigators, which was hilarious, and less dry than some of his other novels- but they are all good. Just finished the Racketeer; couldn’t put it down.

    • Thanks, Beth. Yes, I too laughed out loud while reading The Litigators–so very enjoyable, plus I learned quite a lot about the “joys” of being a highly-paid lawyer in a big prestigious law firm. I haven’t read The Racketeer; need to check it out.

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