Novel in Progress: Week 9

I started this week with going through the chapters from the very beginning—again!—and found a bunch of problems. (A lack of relevance of some scenes, for one.) So I spent three days tweaking this and fine-tuning that, without moving forward at all.

On August 1st, I finally gave my head a vigorous shake and screamed, “Stop! Just stop looking for problems! If you want to finish this draft. It’s not time yet to go over your book with a fine-tooth comb. Later, okay? Later!”

So I thought hard: What should I do? I needed something that would keep me accountable for a certain time period. The shorter, the better. A marathon! Yes! It’s the one sure thing that can do the trick. Definitely.

So the next day, on Friday, I launched a 30-Day Writing Marathon, my second one, with three goals:

  1. Make a daily plan and stick to it.
  2. Do not dawdle over teeny-weeny details, even if they’re important (of course, they are!), but make notes and fix them later. Move forward!
  3. Finish a second draft by Sept. 1st!

So far, I’ve been doing all right. 🙂

I know my problem too well: I change my mind often, depending on my mood. So I’m pretty sure that every morning I’ll have the urge to start with Ch. 1, instead of “today’s” chapter. But I swear that I’ll nip this urge in the bud and do what I pledged to do.

Thus, I’ll finish the second draft by Sept. 1st, even if it kills me. Yeah, it’s a cliché, but it’s a damn encouraging cliché. 🙂

I’m recording my daily progress in a separate file on my computer, but on my blog I’ll keep up my weekly reports as usual.


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