Novel in Progress: Week 10

I stuck it out—Yay! Every morning I started with the page that I had stopped working on the day before and didn’t go back to the previous chapters, unless I needed to check up on some details, which was quick.

What have I accomplished?

I decided not to count the words anymore, considering it a waste of time, aiming for quality, not quantity, but I still think that I added quite a bit to my manuscript by filling up the gaps between some scenes. New ideas usually come to me during writing, since I don’t plan anything in advance, and this time was no different, which was very exciting.

I also elaborated on certain points that I felt were not clear enough, heeding my friend’s advice (the early reader of my previous books) to “not assume that your readers will read your mind; they will read only what’s on the page.” She was right: I was guilty of that. Because I had my whole book in my mind (after several drafts), and because I relied mostly on a perceptive reader, I didn’t spell out everything. Apparently, I’d been wrong. So during my revision this week I was paying special attention to this problem. And if my first readers of this manuscript will point out that I “insult the reader’s intelligence” by explaining too much, I’ll fix that.

So. 10 days down, 20 more to go. I’ve got so much to do in just twenty days!

But I’d better focus on the next week. Monday, my favorite day of the week, will set the pace.

I’ll make it set the pace, that is. 🙂

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