Author Interview: William Landay

A few weeks ago, I expressed my opinion on William Landay‘s wonderful novel, Defending Jacob. So here is an interview with this talented author. I absolutely agree with all the things he says in it and I’d like to mention some. But I’m paraphrasing:

Books have the quality of “lasting creation.” When you, the author, are long gone, the books you created will still be out there. Well, how can anyone disagree with it? Great books become classics.

Writing is damn hard, so to do that you have to have a passion. Your heart and soul have to be in the book you’re writing, otherwise the text will be flat, as opposed to electric. If the book has the energy, it engages you as the reader. You enter the thought stream of the characters and you’re with them. Absolutely!

“I was too stubborn to accept defeat.” Mr. Landay says it about himself, but I feel like he’s talking about me too. I personally was having problems with every book I was writing and I would’ve never finished them, if I were not “too stubborn to accept defeat.” 🙂

Well, enjoy the interview. It’s great!

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