Novel in Progress: Week 12

This week was pretty good. I kept moving forward, revising the existing chapters and even adding a new one. It fits perfectly as a logical outcome of the scene in Ch. 15, and it was quite a shock to me that I hadn’t thought of it before, while writing my first draft.

Well, it’s a simple principle of cause and effect, but I’ll quote Elizabeth George on the so-called  “dramatic domino,” described in her book Write Away.  “…scene one is the first domino. It knocks the next one over and so forth. If that doesn’t happen, you have failed in your duty to make your scenes causally related.” (42)

I’m sure I’ll find many gaps in my later drafts, and I’ll be happy to fill them up. Right now, I have to focus on finishing this one, and I’ve got only 6 days left. Too much to do in too little time. 🙂

As I often do, I feel conflicted. On the one hand I wish I had two weeks left, instead of one, for completing my second draft; on the other hand I can’t wait to finish it so that I’ll be able move on to another level of the writing process. But since I gave myself only four weeks, I’ll stick with my plan and get it done, come hell or high water. I’ll just have to put in more hours every day than I usually do. 🙂

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