Author Interview: Jodi Picoult (Part 2)

I enjoyed the TV interview with Jodi Picoult so much that I decided to post the other two parts of it.

In Part 2, she talks about her writing routine. She works from morning till 4 p.m. every day. So, yep, writing for her is just like any other job.

What surprises me is that she doesn’t have an assistant, like some other successful authors whose assistants do research for their books. (Elizabeth George, for instance, mentions the fact in her book Write Away.) So each morning Ms. Picoult personally answers about 200 letters from her fans. Incredible!

What impresses me is that she can write 50 pages a day. 50 pages! Or sometimes only 3 pages, but they’re highly emotional scenes, which she considers good work too. Awesome work, I would say.

Anyway, Jodi Picoult is amazing as an author and a person. And she’s such a great speaker, too!

Enjoy! 🙂


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