Author Interview: Jesse Kellerman

Here’s an interview with Jesse Kellerman, the author of Potboiler. He is the first writer whose book I reviewed in this blog.

A talented offspring of the best-selling authors, Jonathan and Faye Kellerman, he has certainly learned work ethics from them. “Coming to the desk every day and type, whether they’re in the mood or not.” Yes! They teach by personal example, other than preaching. That’s what writers have to do if they want to get results.

No wonder their son, Jesse, has quite a few wonderful novels under his belt in such a short period of time.


2 thoughts on “Author Interview: Jesse Kellerman

  1. Will definitely look for this book, Nadya. So many of the protagonists in his other books are anti-heroes, but engrossing and easy to relate to none-the less, wondering how this one plays out.

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