Neil Gaiman on Writing and Inspiration

What a lucky coincidence! I just wrote about the sources of inspiration for writers, and today, in Brain Pickings blog, created by Maria Popova, I get this wonderful advice to aspiring writers from Neil Gaiman, a successful British author. Well, it’s right up my alley!

Here’s one of his quotes that I especially like:

“The process of writing can be magical — there times when you step out of an upper-floor window and you just walk across thin air, and it’s absolute and utter happiness. Mostly, it’s a process of putting one word after another.”

Exactly! I would add that not only do you feel like you walk across thin air, feeling exhilarated and thrilled, but you also have just created something good out of nothing…well, out of thin air. Of course, it’s “absolute and utter happiness.” 🙂


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