Vince Flynn’s “The Last Man”

T13573622[1]he Last Man by Vince Flynn is another political thriller in a series about Mitch Rapp, a top CIA agent.

CIA clandestine operative Joe Rickman is kidnapped from an impregnable safe house in Afghanistan. His four bodyguards are executed in cold blood, and all the contents of his safe are missing.

CIA Director, Irene Kennedy, sends Mitch Rapp to Afghanistan to find Rickman before he breaks under torture and reveals the names of other agents to the enemy. Having examined the crime scene, Rapp suspects that things are not what they seem. As usual, he acts upon his hunch, despite the skepticism of his colleagues.

Rapp knows that under torture a person can hold up only so long, no matter how loyal he may be to his country. And that’s a physically strong person. Which Rickman is not. So every passing hour diminishes his chance of survival. But with each passing hour, Rapp’s assignment gets more complicated and more difficult to accomplish.

Enemy attacks. False leads. Outright lies. Betrayal. Rivalry for power. Complicated politics on all sides—in the US, its ally Pakistan, and Afghanistan. And the proverbial contention between the CIA and FBI to boot. Sometimes it’s impossible to say who is a friend and who is an enemy.

Thus the plot thickens. The suspense heightens. And you can’t put the book down until the last page.

Mitch Rapp is ruthless. He’s a killer. He’s “the last man you want to cross.” But we love him.

Why? Because he has humanity in him. Because he is a patriot. Because he constantly puts his life on the line for his country. He rids the world of scum—not for money, not for accolades, and not for the thrill of it, but because he believes that without those evil people “the world is a better place.” Rapp doesn’t care about diplomacy or politics; he is just doing his job.

The Last Man is a fast-paced, suspenseful, intelligent thriller, which I strongly recommend.

I’m very sad about the untimely death of Vince Flynn, a talented writer and the creator of this interesting character, Mitch Rapp.


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