nanowrimo-347e908fcd6e84fe77f38fbc8b88bc6c[1]Ten days down, twenty more to go. I’ve just completed my daily quota and submitted a total number of 25,000 words to the NaNoWriMo website. Which is, I’m happy to say, exactly half of the required amount of the first draft of a new novel. 50 K in 30 days is the writing goal for the participants of this particular writing marathon.

Of course, 50,000 words are not enough for a good-size novel. It would be more like a skeleton that would be beefed up later on. But my problem is that I can’t ever write just a skeleton (the beginning, stating a problem; the middle, describing the complications that lead to a climax; and the resolution of the problem). What I usually end up doing is typing down everything that comes to my mind, without sticking to a plan. Well, because I never have a plan to begin with. Besides, I can’t just tell my characters to shut up and stick to the facts. If they do a lot of introspection and reflection and reminiscing, my job is to write all that down immediately, instead of filing it away for later. As a result, my books are heavy on flashbacks and inner thoughts—always.

Thus, I’m afraid that I won’t finish this new novel’s first draft by Dec. 1st, even if I knock off 80 K words, which is my goal.

A bummer. Because I promised myself that I would take a break from my 4th novel for one month only, and would resume working on it come December.

Oh well, we’ll see…

Anyway, I pledge to write another 25 K words in the next 10 days and wish myself good luck. 🙂


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