nanowrimo-347e908fcd6e84fe77f38fbc8b88bc6c[1]Twenty days down, ten more to go. I reached the required goal of 50,000 words yesterday. Yay! 🙂

It’s only half of the novel, really, although I haven’t even gotten to the middle of it. So I’ll have to write twice as much in order to have something to work with when I start my second draft.

I love to be in a state of anticipation. (And who doesn’t?) So it was fun to get to the computer every morning with no idea whatsoever as to what I would write about today (Where will my characters take me? What will they say? What will they do? How will they surprise me?), and then type the first few sentences of a scene and…keep typing for 3-4 hours, and voila! The scene is there, on the screen!

I wrote on average 2600 words daily, but today I…um…slacked and did only 500 words.

Well, there’s always tomorrow, right? I still have ten more days.

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