Erin Duffy’s “Bond Girl”

11374294[2]Erin Duffy’s Bond Girl is a fun book!

The opening scene: Alex Garrett wakes up in the morning, hungover and unhappy. She dreads the thought of going to work.

We learn that Alex is only 24, but she already has such a high-paying job on Wall Street that she can afford four grand a month for the rental of an apartment in Manhattan. She’s beautiful, brainy, and successful. So why does she hate dragging herself out of bed every morning to go to work that she loves?

Yes, she loves what she does for a living, i.e., handling big bucks at a brokerage firm on Wall Street. She has dreamed of working with money and making tons of it since she was eight years old, after a few trips to her father’s office at a bank. And she has achieved her goal right after graduation from college.

Then we learn about the beginning of her career at the age of 22.

The reality of working in a firm, predominantly populated and dominated by males, slapped her on the face from day one. Just getting this highly competitive job, based solely on merit, didn’t necessarily mean that Alex would be doing the job she was hired to do. No. Not for a while anyhow. She had to go through a hazing period. Hazing! Which, as her coworkers let her believe, every novice has to go through.

Right. The way she was treated by her boss and colleagues went way beyond amusing (amusing to them); it was downright humiliating, bordering on misogynistic.

She was not Alex to them, but a diminutive Girlie; she did not have her own desk or chair to work at. But she didn’t have real work anyway because she was not allowed to do any assignments until she proved herself to be “worthy.”

And how was she supposed to prove that? By waiting hand and foot on her boss and her coworkers. Delivering pizzas and lattes is just one example. In short, as a cliché goes, they said jump, and she asked how high.

Reading about her ordeal made me so furious! I kept thinking, why on earth wouldn’t she tell them “screw you all!” and slam the door and quit? No money in the world is worth such humiliation.

Well, to give her credit, Alex hated her situation, she really did. But she’s made of strong stuff. She wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. She decided to persevere at all cost.

And, as we usually expect from a protagonist in any story, Alex had become very successful, as we see in the first chapter. Then again, WHAT makes her so miserable now?

I’d rather not say. Read and find out how things progress from bad to good and bad again, and how things work out for this feisty, ambitious, smart, and funny girl. The ending seems predictable, and it is, in a way, but at the same time it is not.

I enjoyed Bond Girl very much. 🙂


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