Author Interview: John Grisham

And here’s what John Grisham has to say about his latest novel, Sycamore Row, published last year.

It’s a well-known fact that Mr. Grisham had a law degree, and it’s pretty common for writers to bring their personal experiences into their fiction, but I didn’t know that there was a lot of autobiography in A Time to Kill, the prequel to Sycamore Row, as the author reveals in this interview.

Well, interesting to know.

One of the anchors cites The Washington Post, that if (and I paraphrase) William Faulkner were still alive, he would’ve raised a glass of good wine and toasted John Grisham’s talent.

I agree. He would’ve certainly toasted  Sycamore Row. Faulkner, a Nobel Prize winner, was a Southerner, and his books were set in the South; so yes, he would’ve appreciated John Grisham‘s depiction of the area, its people, their problems and struggles.

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