My Hiatus from Blogging

2014-07-17 11.40.16I haven’t blogged in four months! Not for lack of time, though. Or for lack of words. I always have something to say about the books I read or the book I’m writing at the moment. And I did, too, these past months. After all, I’ve been reading voraciously, as usual, and I’ve kept working on my novel as well. But I wasn’t in the mood for reviewing anything, much less discussing my work.

Not in the mood…. Oh, that moodiness… That state of being down in the dumps… What writer doesn’t go through this ordeal? Writing either launches you into a state of sheer exultation (when it flows) or it throws you into a deep ravine of despair (when it doesn’t). From all the interviews I’ve read in magazines and on the net, I know that every one of them has tasted the “bitter wine” of dissatisfaction, frustration, and downright misery, when they’re stuck in the work they’re creating

Needless to say, I was STUCK. My novel, a sequel to A Measure of Guilt, was already finished last year, but, even after several rounds of revision, I still didn’t like it. I felt disconnected with the place (Moscow, Russia) where my protagonists spend ten days. That, in addition to being dissatisfied with the plot, the subplots, the voice, the flow, you name it… Everything seemed bad.

So I needed a boost. In what form? The answer was clear.

I had to fly to Russia. Just had to! I had to walk those streets, breathe that air, observe and talk to people, eat at local restaurants, drink at bars…in short, feel that atmosphere.

So I took a three-week-long trip. And I did all those things.  And I loved every minute of the time spent in that country, my previous home.

The trip informed, inspired, and, most important, energized me. I can only hope that it will help me improve my novel. 🙂


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