Author Interview: Writers on Reading

This is an amazing piece that I stumbled upon on YouTube: Writers discuss the importance of reading.

So why do we feel the need for literature?

For Nicole Krauss, “everything falls away, when she opens a book: she’s in a world where everything matters.” And as a writer, she sees writing fiction as “a chance to create herself.” On a blank page, you can say anything, and you can become anything you want. (My thoughts exactly!)

Richard Ford thinks that “reading is an attempt to make our experiences more valuable.” (Isn’t true? Because no matter what we read about, we can’t help but compare the experiences of the fictional characters to those of our own.)

Siri Hustvedt gives an invaluable advise to follow your own passion or curiosity in reading. Don’t just listen to those who point out something “great” with a capital “G.” (Yes! We, as individuals, need to pursue whatever drives our own curiosity, even if it’s not very popular.)

Well, there’s much more in this video.

Enjoy! 🙂


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