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Brazil Butt Lift (BBL)

I’m in my second half of a 60-day workout program BBL (Brazil Butt Lift) and still loving it. Yay! Or rather, loving it more, since I’ve now gotten the hang of it. It wasn’t easy in the beginning because of the intensity. Unlike Tony Horton, the author and trainer of P90X, this instructor, Leandro Carvalho, doesn’t give you any breaks between various exercises—to take a sip of water or wipe the sweat off your forehead—and neither does he explain the moves, expecting you to just imitate the girls on his team, as if you’re a natural. So I struggled to keep up with their fast tempo, falling out of step, losing balance, falling onto my knees, feeling clumsy and downright ridiculous. But I laughed it off and kept shaking and wiggling my butt and lifting and swinging my legs and arms, and my efforts have paid off: I’ve finally memorized, if not fully mastered, all the moves and am doing much better. Yes! My perseverance is not the only thing that has helped me stay the course. Teaming up with my Beachbody coach, Galina Morrissett, who did BBL before and has picked it up again, has been invaluable. We discuss our progress on the phone and on the Internet, and keep each other accountable and motivated. It’s fun!


Working out: BBL

People exercise for different reasons. I won’t bother listing them—they’re all good. I personally work out because it makes me feel great—during, but especially afterwards.

I’d always wanted to find a workout program that would engage all of my muscles and would make me sweat—at home, not in a gym. Last summer, Galina Morrissett, my friend and a coach at Team Beachbody, http://www.teambeachbody.com/galinam introduced me to P90X. So I lifted weights, starting with 5 lbs, switching to 8 lbs. I stretched. I did yoga. I did kickboxing. I jumped. I did all exercises–to the letter, and boy, did I sweat! For an hour every single  day–for 90 days! As a result, I tightened up my muscles, I became more energetic, and, most importantly, I lowered my cholesterol by 30 points, down to normal! Besides, that no-nonsense workout gave a boost to my creativity–I kid you not! 🙂

I loved this program so much, I decided to repeat it. I did. And I’ll do it again.

But Team Beachbody offers lots of other programs, so Galina suggested that she and I start 2013 with BBL (Brazil Butt Lift), doing it together—for 60 days. Living in different states is not an impediment for us to discuss the fun that we’re having with BBL. We discuss it on Skype, on the phone, and on her website. And it IS real fun! Anyone likes to dance? Guess what? BBL has dancing elements! So, go for it, my friends!