Writing Marathon: Day 5

Last night I was thinking…should I polish the text in every chapter as I go or should I just focus on such things as plot, suspense, stakes, characterization, and such, and only when I have all those things nailed, more or less, in a full text, I’ll go back and concentrate on the language? But then it’d be like technical writing. Soulless. I wouldn’t enjoy the process. In that case, why write at all?

Those were just thoughts. They travel through my mind all the time, even though I do what I like doing, not what I have to do. Have to do? For whom? I write for myself. First and foremost. Because I love it. And if I like the final product, then I’ll send it out into the world, for potential readers. Simple.

So today I didn’t go with my plan to work on Ch. 3. I wanted to, but once I began reading page one, I got stuck in it. Some sentences, especially in the dialogue, sounded either pretentious or unnatural, so I tried to get them right.

Tomorrow I’ll brush through Ch. 2 again, then get to the next one. Definitely.


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